If you really like to watch the Law and Order television shows on TV, that is fine, but you can’t just expect to just be able to defend yourself based on things that you learned from the show.  It just doesn’t really work that way.  Some people think that because they watch the latest shows on law and justice, they know the extent of the law so that they can save money instead of spending it on an attorney.  Here’s why it isn’t a good idea.  

It’s just a TV Show

The first thing that you should understand is that it is just a TV show.  It isn’t something that is really going to amount to much when you get in front of the judge.  Every case is different, and you can’t expect yours to be like an overly dramatized version of fiction.  This is probably where people go wrong, because while the show is interesting, it doesn’t really let you know much about the law and how everything works.

The Actual Laws Vary

Actual laws from one state to the next may vary, so while you may know a few things about the laws from the shows that may be completely accurate, they may not be accurate in your area.  Laws in one state will be very different from laws in another state, because it is handled by a different justice system.  So, you can’t really expect everything to hold true in your state.

Self Representation Doesn’t Look Good

Finally, you should really understand that self representation just doesn’t look the best.  People feel that they can just represent themselves, but when you don’t know the laws and how everything works you might end up just making a fool of yourself.  This isn’t something that you will want to do when you are faced with a criminal charge!

As you can see, you shouldn’t depend on what you learn on law and order television shows to help you when it comes to understanding real laws in real life.  You need the help of a well trusted defense attorney if you really want to stand a chance at getting off of your charge.  You just need to hire the right person to represent you, and you have to research and learn more about your options before you make your decision.